Ice Cream Social

There will be an ice cream social on Saturday, August 26, at the church building at the corner of Singleton Bend Rd and 1431. Festivities will begin around 6:00 PM. Bring your signature ice cream (preferably homemade or bring some trimmings or things that go with ice cream). Also, we are trying to put together some live music. If you play an instrument or sing please come and join in. There will be a sound system available that you can plug into. Kent plans to set up on Friday, 8/25, and encourage everyone who wants to participate to come and have a jam session to get to know each other from this perspective; what we play and what we sing. Anyone who would be interested in hearing the jam session are welcome to come and listen in. Kent plans to be at the church building about 5:00 PM to set up. There will not be a meal so everyone who comes to the jam session should just bring something to eat while there. You should get an Evite from Scott that will give essential details. If you don’t get an Evite please RSVP Kent at this email ( and let him know you are coming. If you need any other details, contact Kent using his email address.